Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Welcome to 2017/2018

Welcome to my BLOG. This year I am teaching six very different classes but they are still very much connected in the world of business. Practical/Business Law, Accounting, Advertising, E-Business/Web Site Design, Personal Finance and Office Software Applications are different disciplines but do overlap in many ways. The Business Department integrates real life business, legal and personal financial situations to each curriculum and applies these using current technologies, trends, laws and regulations. Students will have the resources available to help create and develop ideas, as well as, solve problems.

"Good timber does not grow with ease. The stronger the wind, the strong the trees."

Mr. Ball's Financial Tip of the Week - At least twice a year take time to review your current financial position.  This includes your 401(k) or 403(b) investments. Check your investment allocations. The closer you are to retirement, principal preservation in vital. Which means add more bonds to your mix.
  Also check the interest rates you are being charged on your credit cards. Call the credit card company and ask for a reduction. Oftentimes they will decrease your rate or give you a temporary rate deductions.