Refer to your Google Classroom account for the Blizzard Bag #1 assignment.

Blizzard bag #2.  Good day class.  Today you will prepare a PowerPoint presentation for a future career that interests you. You will research the career on-line from a jobs web site. The career will match a job from the aptitude questionnaire you completed during the first week of class. The actual directions for the career research is called career slide.  You will copy the file and rename it. Then complete the task. A scoring rubric is included with the file.  Be prepared to present the project in class.  Thanks

S1, Q2 - Week of 1/2 - We continue to work with MS Excel. The project this week will be the creation of a  12 month personal budget. We will review gross wages, payroll taxes, and living expenses. Formulas that will be used are  PMT and PV .

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