Blizzard Bag Assignment #1.  Good morning class. Today you will open the Google Document that I  linked  to the Advertising page. The document contains a spreadsheet for a commercial log. You will choose a TV network or radio programming and log the commercials for 30 minutes of programming. Rename the file and answer the questions that appear on the document. Be prepared to discuss your log results during our next class. BEFORE YOU BEGIN THE ASSIGNMENT, COPY and RENAME the file. Don't forget to share the file with me.

Blizzard Bag Assignment #2. Today you will view a web page for the AD Council. Read the information about this organization and be prepared to discuss the effectiveness of Public Service Announcements. You also need to prepare a short essay on a topic you would prepare a PSA 

Q1 - Students will finish the Campaign presentation this week and begin planning for their commercial.


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