Blizzard Bag Assignment #1 .Good morning future Web Masters. Using the w3schools.com web site complete   the  HTMLself quiz. A minimum score of 85% is required  to properly complete the assignment. Review incorrect answers and document which questions gave you problems. We will review them during our next class.

Blizzard Bag Assignment #2(a). Today you will take the linked HTML quiz. Please copy and rename the document and share it with me. Have fun shoveling!

(Don't do this one!) Blizzard Bag Assignment #2(b). Good morning class.  Today you will link a tutorial site named nhmuse.  Once you access this link you will review the "box model" examples. The box model is created using Cascading Style Sheets. You will review the before and after affects of creating a one and two page web page that also includes navigation. You will follow the instructions in ths tutorial and complete the one and two page site using the "box model".

S2 -Q3 - Introduction to website coding with HTML

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