Blizzard Bag #1 -  Continue to work on the Chapter 11 assignments. 

Blizzard Bag Assignment #2. Good morning class. Today you will be recording the transactions  linked for Tony's Cupcakes. The transactions are for a newly opened small business for the month of August.

You will record the transactions in a General Journal using proper form. We will review the transactions during our next class.

Blizzard Bag Assignment #2. Good morning. Today you will prepare the Balance Sheet and Income Statement for TechKnow Company.
An excel spreadsheet is linked with an unadjusted Trial Balance. You will copy and rename the file. Extend the account balances to their proper classifications. Foot all columns and prepare a proof of the Profit or Loss. Finally, prepare the attached Financial Statement.

Q2 - Chapter 10, The Revenue Cycle.  Students begin using the Special Journals used during the Revenue Cycle. They are,  the Sales Journal and the Cash Receipts Journal.

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