Personal Finance


S2 - Q4-WK6 - We will discuss the 7 rules of negotiating and bargain hunting.

Blizzard Bag #1 - using Google docs share with me  a google slide that includes the following items,  1.) The current savings account interest rate from 3 banks, 2.) The current interest rate for a 6 month Certificate of Deposit, a  1 year CD, and a 3 year CD.  3.) Locate the rate of return for three company stocks for a 1 year period. Look at Activision Blizzard, Nividia, & Amazon.

Blizzard Bag Assignment #2- The attached link is for the Blizzard bag assignment. Financial Professionals. Please copy and rename the file. Then make certain you share the document with me.

Blizzard Bag Assignment #1 - The attached file is an Excel spreadsheet that will be used to establish a budget. Assuming you are 26 years old,update the ZERO BASED budget using the budget assumptions in the instructions. PLEASE copy and rename the file then Share it with me.  Thanks.

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